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Token Launches
A modular launch and liquidity protocol, revolutionising token launches, and supporting innovation across Cosmos and up-and-coming Layer2s.
A Hub for the Future of
Community Token Distributions
Token launches and distribution are part of the essence of web3, yet to-date existing solutions have been flawed, with the landscape still lacking a focal point for dApps to distribute tokens to the community in an equitable way.

Current practices often prioritise short-term gains over long-term alignment of users and often aren’t adaptable to the various launch needs of protocols.

Eclipse Fi is positioned to become the decentralised community launch hub for web3, revolutionising token launches and distribution. It offers a toolkit for modular sustainable launch options, ushering in a new era of community-centric token launches, and prioritises long-term sustainability and value accrual over short term vanity metrics.
Upcoming projects
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Fostering innovation across
Layer 2s
For the upcoming cycle, streamlining the user experience is paramount for the next wave of adoption. Eclipse Fi is working with partners to radically transform the cross-chain user experience, leveraging account abstraction to create an intuitive “onboard your grandma” level experience.

Eclipse Fi is committed to deep ecosystem building and has selected to focus on the Cosmos ecosystem with a homebase on Neutron blockchain, as well as emerging layer-2s like Mantle, Linea and Base. These ecosystems hold immense potential for robust foundations and collaborative ecosystem growth.
Focused on
Disrupting the Status-Quo
Modular Launches
Eclipse Fi views launches as more than just a token sale event. It's a chance to engage long-term users and build lasting protocol value.

The platform offers a modular launch toolkit with lockdrops, auctions, LBAs and more, enabling customisable multi-stage launches.
Account Abstraction
Eclipse Fi addresses the currently broken blockchain UX, working closely with partners to create an intuitive "onboard your grandma" level experience.

By utilising cross-chain account abstraction, onboarding and multi-chain participation is streamlined.
DeFi-first zk-KYC
In web3, merging sybil resistance and privacy protection is crucial.

Eclipse Fi pioneers fully decentralized Zero Knowledge (zk) KYC through a web3 first zkMe integration, ensuring verification and compliance without compromising user anonymity or privacy.
Dealflow & project support
Eclipse Fi's top-tier network is pivotal for consistently securing reliable, high-quality launches.

This facilitates a strong support pipeline, connecting builders lacking connections and providing access to industry leaders crucial for go-to-market support.
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